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April 14, 2009 / Toby Dayton

Few Industries Show Job Growth in March

Not surprisingly, very few industries showed job growth in March. In fact, only 5 of 37 industries reported an increase in the number of new job listings, and only 2 of 37 showed an increase in total job listings.In total, new job listings declined by almost 110,000 postings, and total job listings by well over 150,000 job listings.

The March data was reported by LinkUp.com, the nation’s leading job search engine that indexes only jobs that are found on company web sites. For the March data, LinkUp included job listings from over 16,000 company web sites, though the site today indexes jobs from over 19,000 companies throughout the U.S. With only jobs aggregated from company web sites, listings on LinkUp are always current, often unadvertised, and never fake.


For the second straight month, the Restaurant & Food Service sector showed impressive gains in the number of job listings, while Retail and Supply Chain & Logistics also showing solid growth. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Real Estate, Banking & Financial Service, and Health & Medical all showed serious deterioration in the number of job listings.