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May 29, 2009 / Toby Dayton

Apple’s Stealth Advertising Revenue

I am very curious to know if Apple is generating any revenue from app developers to promote their iPhone applications. I have to imagine that some apps are paying a large fee to be included in Apple’s full-page newspaper ads promoting the app store and the iPhone. If anyone has seen any articles or commentary on this, please post a comment.

Along those same lines, are apps paying any fees to be promoted in Apple stores? Again, the exposure for free and paid apps is extraordinary, and certainly worth a lot of money to the lucky few who are included in Apple’s prominent in-store promotion.

This is a recent picture from the Apple store on 5th avenue in New York. On a random Thursday night, there were at least 200 people in the store, and daily traffic has to be off the charts. Careerbuilder’s iPhone app is the only job board featured anywhere in the store.