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June 29, 2009 / Toby Dayton

Why Use Video When A Photo Will Do?

While the abuse that traditional media receives on a daily basis (i.e., it’s dying, they’re dinosaurs, they don’t get it, they’re clueless, etc.) is probably excessive, exaggerated, and in some cases even unfair, there is little doubt that much of it is accurate and well deserved. Examples of the missteps both large and small that media companies, and especially the behemoth conglomerates, occur virtually every day, and commenting on them has lost its luster of late and even generates scorn and derision from some in the new media camp.

Nevertheless, I had to chuckle when I read an article on Forbes.com about the sexiest TV commercials ever and the interactive feature that they embedded aside the story was a slideshow of photo stills from those commercials. Here’s a story on what should be a very technologically capable website about VIDEO and they DON’T HAVE ANY VIDEOS! I wouldn’t have commented on it at all, but the caption ‘In pictures: judges pick the steamiest TV commercials ever’ under the photo slideshow was too priceless to let slide by…


Someone actually took the time to capture screen shots of the videos and assemble them in a slideshow, but they couldn’t spend an extra 5 minutes compiling the video clips from Youtube and embedding them in the story. It’s laughable to imagine the conversation that took place where the decision was made to not do so.

Mind boggling.