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August 20, 2009 / Toby Dayton

Case Study For Excellent Use of Facebook And Social Media In Recruiting: Hyatt Hotels and Resorts

Since LinkUp launched its Facebook app last week, I’ve spent more time than usual looking at the ways in which companies are leveraging Facebook (and social media in general) in their recruiting efforts. There are some outstanding examples of best practices and companies are really doing some amazing things. One such company is Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, who have an excellent Fan page on Facebook that is clearly a valuable component of their recruiting and talent acquisition efforts. I will admit up front that Hyatt just installed LinkUp’s Facebook app (which allows them to pull jobs from their corporate website onto their Facebook page), so while my views are most definitely biased, I think anyone looking objectively at what Hyatt is doing on Facebook would agree that they stand as a perfect case study for some important best practices.

Hyatt’s Facebook page is branded with a ‘HyattCareers’ URL, making it easy to find, the page has 8,509 fans, and there is a ton of content throughout the page. Most importantly, there is a real dialogue going on between job seekers and people within Hyatt. Comments from job seekers posted to Hyatt’s wall are answered individually in a timely manner with thorough, thoughtful replies. While most answers direct people to www.ExploreHyatt.jobs, there is usually some personalization in the answer, providing an indication that the comments are actually being read by someone who is interested in engaging with Hyatt’s fans, customers, and potential job candidates.

In terms of job listings (which are powered by LinkUp’s Facebook app ‘Current Jobs at Our Company’), Hyatt lists 968 jobs from their company career portal on their Facebook page. These jobs appear in a widget on their Wall, as well as on a separate jobs tab across the top. This makes it easy for fans and job seekers to find current opportunities at Hyatt from throughout their hotel and resort network, and each and every job listing links directly to that specific position on Hyatt’s career page where job seekers can apply for jobs straight into Hyatt’s applicant tracking system (ATS).

There is no doubt that social media is the hottest topic in recruiting these days, and Hyatt’s Facebook page perfectly demonstrates exactly why that is the case.

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