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September 8, 2009 / Toby Dayton

More Encouraging Jobs Data From LinkUp

The Department of Labor released its jobs report for August last Friday,  and despite the fact that 216,000 more jobs were lost and unemployment rose to 9.7% (a 26-year high), the monthly job losses were the smallest of any month this year. The fact that we’re celebrating what would normally be considered abysmal job losses is a clear sign of how brutal the ‘Great Recession’ has been to the nation’s economy in general and the labor market in particular, but it is a sign, nevertheless, that the economy is definitely turning. And LinkUp’s jobs report from August offers further encouraging evidence.

Almost half of the states in the U.S. (including Washington, D.C.) showed an increase in the number of new job listings on LinkUp, and all but 2 states showed an increase in the number of total job listings. Overall, the number of new job listings in the U.S. was flat from July, and total job listings rose by 51,346 jobs or 11%.

August LinkUp Jobs Report By State

LinkUp, the fastest growing job search engine on the web, indexes job listings found on only on company web sites (16,891 company sites in July). Unlike other job search engines such as Indeed or Simplyhired, LinkUp does not aggregate jobs from other job boards but rather aggregates and publishes only jobs pulled directly from company websites themselves. As a result, job listings found on LinkUp are always current, often unadvertised, and never fake. More importantly in terms of the relevancy of job listing data, there are no duplicate jobs on LinkUp because the job search engine only indexes jobs from a single source – the employer’s website itself.

August LinkUp Jobs Best & Worst States

In terms of the best and worst performing states, Minnesota, California, and Florida added the most new job listings, while Utah, Connecticut, and Wyoming experienced the largest declines in the actual number of new job listings.