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September 9, 2009 / Toby Dayton

35 of 37 Industries Show Increase In Job Listings On LinkUp In August

Continuing yesterday’s post about LinkUp’s encouraging jobs data for August (in which 49 states reported an increase from July in the total number of job listings), there is equally encouraging news on an industry by industry basis. In August, 35 of 37 industries showed an increase from July in the total number of job listings on LinkUp. In terms of new job listings posted during the month, 23 sectors showed an increase from July.

LinkUp is the fastest growing job search engine on the web, indexing jobs exclusively from company websites (16,000 company websites in July). LinkUp’s index is updated every night, and does not include any job postings from other job boards. As a result, LinkUp jobs are always current, often unadvertised anywhere else on the web, and contain no duplicate listings, fake jobs, work at home scams, or other bogus jobs.

August LinkUp Jobs Report By Industry

Consulting & Freelance, Insurance, and Intern positions showed the largest percentage increase in new job listings from July, while Healthcare, General Management & Business, and Administrative & Clerical showed the largest increase in the number of new job listings.

August LinkUp Jobs Report Best & Worst Industries