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January 27, 2010 / Toby Dayton

The Ladders Is One Gigantic Scam That Preys On Unsuspecting Job Seekers

Nick Corcodilos, aka Ask The Headhunter, has written an outstanding article on his blog about what an absolute scam The Ladders is and how fraudulent their claims are about delivering to job seekers ‘only $100K+ job listings.’ I have written about what a rip-off The Ladders is in the past, and I applaud anyone who helps shine a light on what a disservice Marc Cenedella and the other hacks who work for The Ladders are doing to job seekers, employers, and the entire recruitment advertising & talent acquisition industry. I especially applaud Nick for writing such a thoughtful and well-researched piece that featured actual stories from actual victims of The Ladders scam. As I mentioned in my comment that I posted on Nick’s blog (copied below), this article is not only a must read for job seekers, but one that all of us within the jobs, career, and recruiting industries should publicize as widely, aggressively, and frequently as possible.

Thanks Nick.

My comment posted on Nick’s article:

By Toby Dayton
January 26, 2010 at 8:27 pm


This is an excellent article and one that everyone in and around the industry should publicize as widely, aggressively, and frequently as possible. The recruiting and recruitment advertising industries should do a far better job than they do of not only establishing guidelines and policies for ethical standards and best practices, but also policing themselves and calling out those who blatantly violate those standards.

Even absent those industry standards, there is absolutely no doubt that the Ladders is one of, if not THE most horrendous, fraudulent company in the industry. Thinly disguised as a job site, they are one gigantic scam. Worse than Madoff or Tom Petters (a $3 billion Minnesota Ponzi scheme), the Ladders scam is enabled by an enormous, national marketing campaign broadcasted daily on major cable channels.

It is the worst of the worst, and The Ladders should be shut down and its CEO Marc Cenedella fined and maybe even thrown in jail. In the meantime, the company should be collectively tarred and feathered, so to speak, by everyone in the industry until the noise is loud enough to be picked up by national media. This company has no business operating in our industry, and they have to be stopped.

Toby Dayton
President & CEO
LinkUp & JobDig