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February 8, 2010 / Toby Dayton

Google’s ‘Parisian Love’ Search On Ad Takes Top Prize In Superbowl

Of course a search engine is going to take the top prize in the annual advertising competition known as the Superbowl. How could they not given the drivel put forward by Doritos, GoDaddy, Skechers, and most of the other advertisers?

The ads were generally disappointing this year (Monster and Careerbuilder’s spots were particularly weak), with only a few exceptions. The E*Trade spots were amusing (Dad?!?!?), the Coke ad in Africa with Bolero playing was great, as was the Bud Light Lost spoof, and the Brett Favre spot was good. Flo TV’s spots weren’t too notable but their technology looks awesome and I’m sure they will be firmly planted on their target demo’s tech gadget ‘must have’ list thanks to the $20 million or so they spent yesterday. Other than that, most of the ads were terrible.

But without a doubt, the absolute best ad of the day was Google’s ‘Parisian Love’ search ad. As CEO Eric Schmidt warned via Twitter, hell has frozen over and Google has finally decided to start marketing its search engine via mass media. What a debut it was. I’m sorry that we had to wait so long for such brilliant marketing.

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