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April 19, 2010 / Toby Dayton

LinkUp’s March Jobs Report Positive, But Not As Good As Government’s Numbers

The March jobs report was released by the Department of Labor (DoL) a few weeks ago, and the news was quite positive. For just the 3rd month since the recession began, DoL reported that the U.S. economy added jobs in March. While the 162,000 jobs gained were less than the 185,000 or so that economists expected, the news was very positive and have led some to pronounce that the recession is officially over. I wouldn’t be so sure. Not only is meaningful recovery impossible without monumental and sustained job growth, but basing recovery pronouncements on a single month’s data is suspect at best, especially when that data is noisy and oft revised.

LinkUp’s jobs data from March shows a positive but far more muted picture of the jobs market. LinkUp, the job search engine that indexes jobs from over 20,000 company websites throughout the U.S., reported that new job listings on company websites rose by 7,173 (2%) from February. Total job listings on company websites in LinkUp’s job search engine fell by 33,791 (-4%). The 2% rise in new job openings on corporate websites was exactly the same as February’s gain over January, but the 4% decline in total job openings during the month on corporate websites is quite a bit worse that the slight rise last month. As expected and as will be the case for at least the rest of the year, unemployment held steady at 9.7% despite the job gains due to people re-entering the job market.

34 states showed an increase in new job listings, while only a dismal 22 showed an increase in total job listings during the month. In terms of the best and worst performing states, Illinois, Arizona, and Texas showed the largest increases in new job listings, while California, New York, and Washington reported the largest declines in new job listings.

In terms of jobs by category, 27 of 36 categories showed an increase in new job openings on company websites, while 29 showed an increase in total job listings on company websites. Overall, new job openings across all categories rose by 24,673 (6%), while total job openings by category rose by 31,292 (4%). By category, the numbers were almost identical to February’s gains over January.

In terms of specific categories, Retail, Technology, and Health & Medical showed the largest gains in new and total job listings, while Banking, Administrative, and Insurance showed the largest declines in new job openings.

LinkUp, the fastest growing job search engine on the web, indexes job listings from over 20,000 corporate and employer websites throughout the country. Because the index is updated daily and only includes job listings that are found on career portals within company websites, the completely unique jobs data is extremely reliable. There are no jobs from recruiters, headhunters, search firms, or staffing companies, and no scam jobs, phishing jobs, ‘money mule’ ads, or other fraudulent postings.

And because LinkUp only indexes jobs from a single source – the hiring company itself – there are no duplicate or ‘job jacked’ listings that pollute job board aggregator sites such as Indeed and Simplyhired. Perhaps most importantly given the current high-unemployment environment in which companies are not compelled to advertise as aggressively in order to generate candidate flow for their openings, the jobs data is not based upon paid help-wanted advertising activity.