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May 4, 2010 / Toby Dayton

Mystery Buyer Acquires Standout Jobs

On his Instigator blog yesterday, Standout Jobs CEO Ben Yoskovitz announced that his company had been acquired, although the terms of the deal and the actual buyer were not disclosed. It will be interesting to see what details, if any, emerge in the near future, but the acquisition is further confirmation of the dominant trend in recruiting these days: A well-designed, interactive, candidate-friendly, rich-media corporate career portal has become the foundational component of leading employers’ recruiting strategies.

From that career portal platform, a company can generate strong organic and paid candidate flow, leverage social and mobile media with ease, and build a solid, proprietary community of candidates, while maintaining complete control over employment branding. Just as the web and mega job boards rendered the daily newspaper obsolete, the corporate career portal, when combined with job search engines and social media, will obliterate the traditional pay-to-post job board.

And it won’t take as long either.

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  1. Marc Drees / May 5 2010 3:31 am

    I would be very surprised if this deal is nothing more than selling the nearly dead dodo before it runs out of money. An unnamed buyer, an undisclosed amount of money, no earn-out period. What does this suggest?

    Let’s be realistic here…

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