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September 3, 2010 / Toby Dayton

LinkUp Jobs Data From June And July Hinted At Decent August Jobs Report; LinkUp’s Jobs Data For August Paints Grim Picture For September and October Jobs Reports

Despite the slight uptick in unemployment to 9.6%, this morning’s August jobs report was far more positive than people had expected. While job losses in the U.S. economy numbered 54,000, the private sector added 67,000 jobs in August. Equally as positive, the Bureau of Labor Statistics provided a significant revision to July’s numbers, decreasing the number of job losses initially reported that month from 131,000 to only 54,000 and revising upward the number of private sector job gains to 107,000.

The numbers released today are not surprising at all given the LinkUp jobs data that we’ve reported for the past few months. LinkUp is a job search engine that indexes job listings found only on company websites, and as such, there are no duplicate jobs, no scam or garbage listings, no phishing jobs, and no listings from staffing companies, recruiters, or headhunters. LinkUp’s job search engine indexes over 525,000 job listings from over 22,000 companies throughout the country. Earlier this summer, LinkUp reported that companies added over 40,000 new job openings on their company websites in June, at the time the largest monthly gain in 2010. That increases was dwarfed the following month when LinkUp’s report indicated that companies added an additional 119,000 new job listings on their company websites in July.

Given the LinkUp data and the fact that job openings listed on corporate websites are a leading indicator of future job growth, the August numbers released this morning are not surprising at all. Unfortunately, our August jobs data does not bode well at all for the job picture in September and October. LinkUp data indicates that job listings on company websites plummeted in August, with new job openings declining by by 193,000 and total job listings dropping by 145,000.

Only 5 states showed an increase in new job listings and only 9 showed an increase in total job listings.

In terms of job listings by category, only 3 categories showed an increase in new job listings and 5 showed an increase in total job listings.

LinkUp, one of the fastest growing job search engines on the web, indexes job openings from over 22,000 corporate and employer websites throughout the country. Because the index is updated daily and only includes job listings that are found on career portals within company websites, the completely unique jobs data is extremely reliable. There are no jobs from recruiters, headhunters, search firms, or staffing companies, and no scam jobs, phishing jobs, ‘money mule’ ads, or other fraudulent postings.

And because LinkUp only indexes jobs from a single source – the hiring company itself – there are no duplicate job listings that pollute job aggregators such as Indeed and Simplyhired. Perhaps most importantly given the current high-unemployment environment in which companies are not compelled to advertise as aggressively in order to generate candidate flow for their openings, the jobs data is not based upon paid help-wanted advertising activity.