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February 3, 2011 / Toby Dayton

36 States Saw Job Gains In January; Look For Positive Jobs Report Tomorrow

As a follow-up to yesterday’s jobs report for January from LinkUp, I wanted to highlight a little further what is happening on a state by state basis in terms of the growth in new job listings on company websites. Not only did new job postings on corporate websites rise 16% in January, from 433,000 in December to 502,000 in January (an increase of 69,000), but 36 states saw an increase in new job listings.

On a percentage basis, the following states saw the largest increases in new job openings on company websites:

1) Missouri (126%)

2) New Hampshire (56%)

3) Connecticut (55%)

4) Iowa (50%)

5) Arkansas (48%)

6) Vermont (45%)

7) Washington (29%)

8) Utah (27%)

9) Kentucky (27%)

10) Florida (27%)

In terms of ranking states by the quantity of new job postings added to company websites in January, the following states make up the top 10:

1) Missouri (11,174)

2) Virginia (7,929)

3) Washington (6,483)

4) Goergia (6,475)

5) Connecticut (3,991)

6) Hawaii (3,932)

7) California (3,807)

8) Ohio (3,033)

9) West Virginia (2,937)

10) Utah (2,482)

Those same 10 states also saw the largest increases in the total number of jobs on company websites, in the exact same order. And finally, of the 36 states that saw an increase in new job postings on company websites, the average increase was 2,000 new job openings and an average increase of 24% over December. As we said yesterday, and despite what Indeed reported this morning, all signs are pointing to a very positive jobs report tomorrow.