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March 3, 2011 / Toby Dayton

LinkUp shows slight job loss in February

LinkUp reported today that new job listings on company websites fell by 3% in February, while total job listings on company websites rose by 1%. More states saw a decline in new job listings (27 to 22), while more states saw an increase in total job listings (32 to 15). States showing the largest growth in new jobs include Rhode Island (+39%), New Hampshire (+24%), and Maryland (+23%).

In terms of jobs by category, LinkUp’s February data showed similar numbers. New jobs by category fell 3% while total jobs by category rose 1%. Of the 32 job categories tracked by LinkUp, 18 showed an increase in new job listings and 23 showed an increase in total job listings. Top categories for February with new job gains include Automotive (137%), Oil, Gas & Utilities (98%), and Aerospace, Aviation, & Defense (+57%).

LinkUp’s CEO Toby Dayton commented “As much as we’d like to provide some visibility into what direction the job market is heading, February’s numbers were not particularly conclusive either way. I would say, however, that given our strong January numbers and the lag between job listings being published on corporate websites and those job listings translating into actual hires, we do expect that tomorrow’s numbers will be strong.” LinkUp reported that in January, new job listings on company websites rose by 69,000 (16%) over December and total job listings rose by 87,000 (10%).  Dayton added, “Unfortunately, we would also expect that our lackluster February numbers will result in a relatively weak jobs report for March.”

LinkUp is the fastest growing job search engine on the web and indexes only jobs that are found on company websites. The search engine does not list any jobs from other job boards, nor does it allow anyone to post jobs directly to the site. Rather, LinkUp currently lists about 700,000 job openings indexed and updated daily from approximately 20,000 company websites throughout the U.S.