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March 11, 2011 / Toby Dayton

Why LinkUp Is A Better Job Search Engine Than Indeed and Simplyhired

The polls have closed on About.com’s Reader’s Choice Awards, and the winners will not be announced until next week, but in advance of final certification and the official announcement, LinkUp received the most votes as the best job search engine, beating Google, Indeed, and Simplyhired. As a result of the voting, I couldn’t help but comment on one of Indeed’s LinkedIn discussion groups which was focused on the About.com poll. Unfortunately, just as the exchange between myself and another Indeed fan was getting started, I discovered that my comments were being screened by someone at Indeed and were not being approved. Apparently Indeed is more skilled at filtering their discussion group comments on LinkedIn than they are at filtering their duplicate and garbage job listings on their own site. In any event, I thought I’d post the discussion thread on my blog.

Because of comments like, “When I search for jobs, it’s pretty much a tie between Indeed.com and SimplyHired.com. The rest are far behind.” and “indeed.com is the best”, I posted the following comment:

“I think LinkUp.com was voted the Best Job Search Engine for 2011 in About.com’s Reader’s Choice Awards, and for good reason. LinkUp only indexes jobs from company websites (720,000 jobs from 22,000 company websites), so the jobs listed there are always real and always current, with no duplicates, scam jobs, garbage listings, or phishing jobs. If you want ‘all jobs’ including duplicates, garbage listings, scam jobs, old jobs, and phishing jobs, Indeed and Simplyhired will include those. If you want only real jobs from real companies, then LinkUp is the best job search engine.”

A few comment later, John Fallone (who started the discussion group with the comment, “Indeed.com is absolutely the BEST job search engine. I’ve said it before; I’ll say it again” and later added this witty gem, “When comparing Indeed.com with SimplyHired.com it becomes clear that the search results generated from Indeed are of a higher quality, with superior filtering and better targeted. So, quite “Simply,” if you desire to get “Hired” — use INDEED!) replied:

“Toby, Toby..Is it safe to say you are somewhat biased, given the fact you are the President & CEO of Linkup? Since Linkup only indexes jobs from company websites, there are thousands of real jobs that for various reasons are not featured on company websites which are invisible to Linkup. The overwhelming majority of Indeed jobs are real–not scam or garbage. “One search. all jobs” is still better than One search, NOT all jobs–only some jobs!”

I answered with the following reply, but my comment seems to have been screened and as of this afternoon, has not yet been approved:

“John – It is safe to say I’m biased….not ‘somewhat biased,’ but extremely biased. And I will grant you that there are legitimate jobs that we do not include on LinkUp. Companies that do not have jobs on their company website, for example, cannot have their listings indexed by LinkUp.

But by only indexing jobs from company websites and not aggregating jobs from other job boards, we’ve eliminated the sources of job pollution (old jobs, scams, phishing, resume collectors, money-mule ads, duplicate listings, etc.) that plague not only the pay-to-post job boards, but also aggregators like Indeed and Simplyhired that include job board listings.

With 100% of LinkUp jobs being sourced only from corporate websites, we’ve created a far better experience for job seekers because the jobs are always real and always current (we update our search engine daily). Equally as important, when a job seeker clicks on a job on LinkUp, they are directed straight to that specific job on the hiring company’s website where they can apply directly into the hiring company’s applicant tracking system. There isn’t another job search engine on the web that can guarantee that direct of a connection between the job listing and the hiring company for 100% of its job listings.

To give you sense of how massive a problem duplicate listings are, and this is just one of those pollution sources, take a look at Comcast. Comcast has 336 job openings on their corporate website. There are exactly 336 job openings on LinkUp for Comcast. Yet Indeed lists 4,690 job openings for Comcast, from hundreds of different job boards. That’s 14 times the number of actual job openings. Put another way, 93% of the job listings on Indeed for Comcast are either duplicative or fake. How does that serve job seekers? Microsoft is another perfect example: 2,337 jobs for Microsoft on their corporate website, with the exact same number of Microsoft jobs on LinkUp, but there are 11,528 job listings for Microsoft on Indeed. That’s more than 9,000 garbage listings on Indeed for one company.

On the other side of the coin, for example, Twitter has 47 job openings on their corporate site, and LinkUp lists each of those 47 jobs with Twitter in its search engine. On Indeed, a job seeker can only find 10 of those jobs.

So clearly Indeed doesn’t have ‘All Jobs’ as you apparently believe. More importantly, as demonstrated by Comcast and Microsoft, what job seeker would want all of Indeed’s jobs given that the vast majority of them are duplicate listings and job board pollution?”

So John, if you’d like to continue our conversation without risk of having comments filtered and screened, feel free to post your comments on Diggings. I’d be curious to hear what you have to say.