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April 4, 2011 / Toby Dayton

LinkUp Releases Wildly Bullish March Jobs Report

For certain, some of the impact is lost in releasing a jobs report after the Department of Labor has released their monthly data, but such is the case when the first Friday of the month is also the 1st of the month. (I’m not sure why the Conference Board would or could or should release jobs data before the month has actually ended, but so be it). In any event, as everyone certainly knows by now, the Department of Labor figures released last week showed that the U.S. economy added 216,000 jobs in March, slightly better than the 190,000 jobs expected by economists. It was the 6th consecutive month of monthly gains, and an improvement over the 194,000 jobs added in February. Unemployment also fell to 8.8%, although that decline in unemployment is due more to a ridiculously low ‘Labor Force Participation Rate’ of 64.2%, a 25-year low, than growth in jobs.

Not surprisingly, LinkUp‘s monthly jobs data for March was also very positive. In fact, all 50 states showed an increase in both new and total job listings on company websites between February and March.  LinkUp, a job search engine that indexes only jobs that are found on company websites, reported that new job listings on company sites throughout the U.S. rose 29% in March, while total job listings on company sites rose 17% during the month. California, Texas, and Virginia added the most job listings, both new and total, and only 4 states showed an increase in either category that was less than 10%.

LinkUp is the fastest growing job search engine on the web and indexes only jobs that are found on company websites. In March, The New York Times’ About.com named LinkUp the best job search engine on the web because of its highly unique value proposition for both job seekers and employers. The search engine does not list any jobs from other job boards, nor does it allow anyone to post jobs directly to the site. Rather, LinkUp currently lists about 725,000 job openings indexed and updated daily from approximately 20,000 company websites throughout the U.S. As a result of this completely unique approach to job listings online, LinkUp’s search engine does not include any old jobs, scam jobs, phishing jobs, or duplicate listings.

In terms of jobs by category, LinkUp’s data from March is equally as positive. New jobs by category rose 33%, while total jobs by category rose 19%. Technology, Healthcare, and Sales showed the largest increases, and only a single decreased registered anywhere in the data (total jobs in Banking declined by 2%).