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April 5, 2011 / Toby Dayton

Jobs on Company Websites Increase Substantially in March

Following bullish job numbers reported last week from both the Department of Labor and ADP, LinkUp adds to the positive economic news by reporting a 29% jump in new job openings found on company websites. Total jobs were up 117,508, or 17%, for the month of March. All 50 US states showed increases in both new and total jobs.

Vermont lead all states with a 73% growth in new jobs, followed by South Carolina and Wyoming, with 60% and 59% respectively.

Jobs by State details: http://www.linkup.com/trends/job-growth-by-state/march-2011.html

Looking at jobs by category, Health & Medical added 93,370 new jobs, followed by Technology, adding 63,970 new jobs in March. All 32 categories reported new job gains. For total jobs, only Banking & Finance jobs showed a marginal 2% drop.

“This is obviously a terrific sign,” commented Toby Dayton, LinkUp’s President and CEO. “We’ve been analyzing jobs data for 24 months, and these are undoubtedly the most positive numbers we’ve seen.”

Jobs by Category details: http://www.linkup.com/trends/job-growth-by-industry/march-2011.html

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