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May 6, 2011 / Toby Dayton

April Jobs Data Reveals Slowdown in Jobs Posted on Company Websites

LinkUp announced today that total jobs found on company websites increased by 10,907, or 1%, in April. This is down from an overwhelmingly positive March report, where 117,508 jobs (17%), were added. The data appears to be aligned with ADP’s private payroll report (released Wednesday) and the Department of Labor consensus estimates for April, both reporting a slight slowdown in job momentum.

Analyzing state job data, 12 states reported positive job gains for the month. Topping the list of states was Maine adding 14% total jobs, followed by Alaska (12%), Delaware (11%), and New Mexico (10%). On the contrary, West Virginia lead all states in job losses, shedding nearly 6% of total job openings.

Retail jobs, along with Oil, Gas & Utilities revealed the strongest category gains, and were 2 of the mere 6 job categories posting positive numbers for the month.