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June 3, 2011 / Toby Dayton

May Jobs Data Reveals Slight Uptick in Openings

Each day we monitor, collect and analyze jobs from thousands of employer websites across the US. At the beginning of the following month we calculate and release our findings. 

For May, our data shows 371,555 new jobs added to our search engine index. This is up 5% from April, where 352,213 jobs were added. Calculating total jobs (new and previously active job openings) for May, our results indicate an overall increase of 7% comparing the data to April.

The slight rise in total jobs appears to be fairly evenly distributed across the US, with all 50 states showing increases. Looking at new jobs, 37 states indicate some amount of growth — top states include: West Virginia, Connecticut and Vermont.

Automotive jobs saw the most growth by category, followed by Customer Service and Law Enforcement & Security. Twenty-two of 31 job categories experienced an upward shift in job count.

Tomorrow the BLS will announce their May data, which was recently revised downward after ADP released disappointing numbers yesterday.

May Jobs Data by State

May Jobs Data by Industry