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July 7, 2011 / Toby Dayton

LinkUp Jobs Data Shows Strength in the Southeast

Earlier this morning ADP released their monthly private payroll data showing a rise of 157,000 in payrolls, a sharp increase over the meager 36,000 new payrolls announced in May. Tomorrow, the Department of Labor is set to release their jobs report, with the expectation that the economy added 110,000 new jobs in June.

With LinkUp, we provide a similar view into the health of the economy, using a slightly different lens. While ADP and the Labor Department focus on new employees hired, LinkUp analyzes the original job postings (found on the company’s website) that were filled by those employees. Our goal is, as the saying goes, to provide real-time jobs data that looks through the windshield, and not the rear-view mirror.

For June, our LinkUp data shows a 6% rise nationwide in new jobs posted on company websites. Regionally, the Southeast reported the largest new job gains. Leading all states in new job growth was Mississippi (43%), followed by Louisiana (40%). Other states showing large gains in the Southeast include Alabama (29%), Tennessee (28%), Georgia (22%), North Carolina (18%) and Arkansas (15%).

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