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May 3, 2012 / Toby Dayton

Look For A Surprisingly Positive Jobs Report Tomorrow

Despite the scare that ADP gave everyone this week, tomorrow’s jobs report from the BLS will be far better than the anemic consensus estimates for job growth in April. Economists are predicting that only 165,000 jobs were created in April in the U.S., but based on LinkUp’s jobs numbers in March, we are forecasting that 245,000 jobs were added last month. In March, new job listings in LinkUp’s jobs search engine (which only indexes jobs from company websites) rose 11% and total job openings rose 5%. (Because a job opening posted on a company website is a great predictor of a future hire, it is March’s job openings that provide the indicator for April’s job growth).

Unfortunately, LinkUp’s jobs data for April is far less encouraging. New job openings fell 9% last month, while total job openings were flat from March. (The numbers in the table above are slightly different because they include the average of our 2 data points for March in our ‘paired month’ methodology). Based on LinkUp’s data for April, we are predicting that job growth in May will slow down and that only 130,000 jobs will be added next month.

In terms of jobs by state, new job openings declined in 43 states but total jobs only fell in 21 states.

In terms of jobs by category, new job listings increased in only 3 categories, but total job listings increased in 15 categories.

LinkUp is the only job search engine on the web that indexes only jobs found on corporate websites throughout the U.S. Updated daily, LinkUp’s job search engine contains over 900,000 job openings indexed from 23,500 company websites. Because LinkUp does not include any jobs sourced from job boards and does not allow anyone to post jobs directly to the site, the search engine does not include any garbage listings such as job scams, phishing posts, work-at-home-scams, lead-gen bait, or old listings. And because LinkUp only indexes jobs from a single source (the employer’s corporate website itself), there are no duplicate listings that pollute aggregator sites such as Indeed and Simplyhired. As a result of these entirely unique attributes, not only is LinkUp the highest quality job site for job seekers (and it’s FREE!), but our jobs data is the ‘cleanest’ in the industry, entirely unencumbered by the noise that afflicts other jobs data sets.