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The LinkUp Blog The Industry's Best-Kept Secret

September 4, 2012 / Toby Dayton

Strong Job Posting Gains On LinkUp In August Point To Excellent Jobs Report In October; Weak Job Postings In June And July Indicate Sluggish Job Gains For August And September

On Friday, November 2nd, the Department of Labor will issue its jobs report for October, and It will be one of the strongest reports since the 1st quarter. Unfortunately, it just might be too late to do anything to help President Obama’s case that he has turned around the nation’s employment situation. Based on LinkUp’s jobs data for June, July, and August, the Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs reports for August and September will be pretty horrible, but October’s report will be the strongest since February.

LinkUp stands as the nation’s largest and fastest growing job search engine that exclusively indexes only jobs from company websites. As of the end of August, LinkUp’s job search engine included nearly 1.2 million jobs openings from approximately 25,000 company websites throughout the U.S. Because LinkUp does not include any jobs sourced from job boards and does not allow anyone to post jobs directly to the site, the search engine does not include any garbage listings such as job scams, phishing posts, work-at-home-scams, lead-gen bait, or old listings. And because LinkUp only indexes jobs from a single source (the employer’s corporate website itself), there are no duplicate listings that pollute aggregator sites such as Indeed and Simplyhired. As a result of these entirely unique attributes, combined with the fact that our index is updated daily, LinkUp stands as the highest quality job site for job seekers and our jobs data is the ‘cleanest’ in the industry, entirely unencumbered by the noise that afflicts other jobs data sets.

In August, new job listings on company websites rose 14%, with gains in all 50 states. Total job openings on company websites throughout the country rose 4% with gains in 44 states.

Jobs by category showed identical gains, with new and total jobs rising 14% and 4% respectively.

Typically, there is a 30-day lag between our jobs report and the BLS report for a given month (since it takes an average of approximately 30 days or so for a job posting to be filled with an actual hire). But since March of this year, that 30-day lag has extended to roughly a 60-day lag. As a result, June’s slight decline in job openings will lead to a weak job report for August. We expect that only 110,000 jobs were created in August. LinkUp’s July numbers were also weak, so we expect that only 60,000 jobs will be created in September. And finally, the strong LinkUp numbers in August will lead to the creation of 210,000 jobs in October.