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April 16, 2013 / Brad Squibb

The rise of mobile usage can’t be ignored

We live in an on-the-go society that never rests – this modern lifestyle has helped propel the explosive growth of mobile device usage. Personal computer sales are down, smartphone and tablet sales are up. In fact, the number of mobile-connected devices will surpass the world’s population sometime this year.

So what are we doing on all those mobile devices?

The top activity is searching, according to a recent 15miles/Neustar Localeze study. Last year, U.S. visits to search engine/navigation sites or apps on mobile phones and tablets grew steadily – to 113.1 million and 38.7 million respectively, in the month of December alone.

It appears the mobile trend isn’t a trend at all; it’s a new reality, and one that businesses can’t afford to ignore. People are using their mobile devices to do just about anything, and yes, that includes searching for employment.

Our own research shows in March of 2012, one in five visitors came to LinkUp.com from a mobile device. Fast-forward to March 2013, and that ratio jumps to one in three. That’s a whopping 65 percent increase in just one year!

It’s crucial that employers pay attention to the number of job seekers finding jobs on mobile devices. If your site isn’t optimized for mobile, you may not be tapping the appropriate talent pools.  Furthermore, if potential applicants hit a brick wall when they try to access your site by smartphone or tablet, you’ll be wasting a significant portion of your ad spend. (Tip: Don’t worry about making the entire application process mobile-friendly since many job seekers typically email the full application to themselves and apply via a desktop or laptop. Focus on making the jobs themselves easily findable with just a few clicks, er taps.)

To find out if your site is mobile friendly, start by clicking here. If the results surprise you, it’s time to take a fresh look at your site’s design so you can maximize the user experience, no matter what type of device they choose to use.