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May 1, 2013 / Brad Squibb

Transportation: An evolving industry challenges recruiters

At LinkUp, transportation is one of our fastest-growing sectors. But it’s an industry that’s in a state of evolution for numerous reasons, and transportation recruiters are now facing new challenges. We hear time and time again there is a shortage of good, qualified drivers nationwide. Why?

This gap can be attributed to a few factors. Federal safety regulations passed in 2010 are putting pressure on older drivers to retire. Because it’s a tough job and there are significant costs associated with getting a commercial driver’s license, younger generations are not drawn to this profession like they were in the past.

Check out this Driver Statistics Infographic to learn more about employment in the transportation industry today.

Working in transportation is an honorable job that is critical to a functioning society. Everyone depends on transportation – we need goods to be shipped in a safe, effective manner. As the economy continues to grow, the demand for qualified drivers will only go up.

Recruiters have a few options when it comes to attracting qualified talent to fill their transportation job openings. Increasing wages or helping out with additional costs associated with driving can be effective. Ongoing financial incentives not an option? Maybe there are opportunities for shortening routes or tuition reimbursement.

If these options aren’t possible for your company or you’ve already tried them with little success, consider a fresh approach to your recruitment strategy. We believe performance-based recruitment – also known as pay-per-click – is the future of transportation recruitment.

The bottom line is the economy is on the rebound. Supply chains are likely to grow along with it, making finding quality talent to fill open roles non-negotiable. Whether a company is recruiting for transportation or another industry, recruiters should try new sources and develop fresh strategies to find the best candidates possible.