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May 23, 2013 / Molly Moseley

Why you should be excited about the job market now

A lot of mixed messages are out there about the current state of the job market. As the nation continues to emerge from the Great Recession, where do we really stand when it comes to jobs?

At LinkUp, we analyze data day in and day out, looking for facts and emerging trends, not only for our benefit, but the benefit of our clients and partners. We are cautiously optimistic about 2013, and believe the remainder of the year will be ripe with game-changers.

Our very own Toby Dayton spoke about this topic at the Recruiting Innovation Summit in San Francisco last week. Based on LinkUp’s own data, he presented three reasons to be optimistic about the job market today:

1. Regional balance of job distribution
It’s true that the energy boom gracing the Midwest is making major headlines. But it’s not just this region that’s reaping the benefits – our data shows solid evidence that job growth is balanced throughout the United States. This even distribution means positive effects from sea to shining sea.

2. More small businesses are hiring
Until recently, small businesses were typically implementing hiring freezes or even layoffs in order to stay in the black. Our recent data proves the tides are changing. Job posts from small businesses are continuously growing, meaning they are hiring again. This reflects positively on the economy, too.

3. Transportation jobs are booming
We previously discussed how the transportation industry is evolving, and part of that change means a huge number of open jobs. The growing economy is putting more demand on our transportation infrastructures, which means there will likely be even more need for qualified transportation candidates throughout the year.

While political changes and unexpected global events can alter the job market in an instant, we believe 2013 has had a strong start and the momentum will keep going. These three points prove gray skies are clearing, and although there may be a passing shower or two, the future forecast appears bright and sunny.  

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