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June 26, 2013 / Molly Moseley

Thinking outside the cube: Open office designs

We’ve been hearing about it for years in real estate –today’s homebuyers desire open floor plans because the design is more cohesive with how they live. And, apparently, now office designers are taking note because companies both big and small are moving steadily toward modern open-office formats. We at LinkUp are among them.

In a previous blog post we discussed the evolution of workplace design, and how important it is to employee teamwork and productivity. Many companies are taking a fresh approach to their office plan, realizing it’s much more than desk after desk lined up in a row. It really can influence how a business runs and, ultimately, if it succeeds.

A recent article from USA Today states the use of open office design is growing at double-digit rates. Incorporating open-plan design concepts into your company’s office space cuts out traditional walled cubical and corner offices and, as a result, often cuts out the hierarchy, too.

Potential benefits: increased employee collaboration, productivity and job satisfaction. Plus, the office format is extremely tech-friendly and adaptable to the trend of increased use of mobile devices in the workplace. It is also a great way to attract and retain the best workers, who typically prefer to work in a space that promotes a communal feeling.

Is it time we say goodbye to the tiny prison cells we all know as cubes? Ultimately it’s the decision of each company to determine what’s best for them, but removing a few more boring beige walls – much like Peter did in the movie “Office Space” – would be good for a lot of employees and employers.