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July 2, 2013 / Brad Squibb

New LinkUp feature: conversion tracking

At LinkUp, we know that employers want to spend their recruitment dollars as efficiently and effectively as possible. When searching for qualified candidates, too often it becomes difficult to understand the correlation between dollars spent and applications received. It’s time to cut down on the clutter and see a clearer picture.

Consistent innovation is one of our key company values. We are constantly developing new and exciting things that help LinkUp grow and be a better solution for recruiters as well as job seekers. We recently implemented an exciting new tech feature – conversion tracking – and it’s awesome at helping employers better understand their sourcing dollars and where applicants are coming from.

How does conversion tracking work? We provide employers with a snippet of code placed on the “thank you” page of the job application – the page that displays after an application is submitted. Basically this code tells our servers to record the event and report the conversion – so employers immediately know how each campaign is performing.

Conversion actions that are tracked include:

  • Users that click a LinkUp sponsored job (regardless of whether it was on LinkUp itself or syndicated to an affiliate), then use the same device to  apply to the job.
  • Users that click a LinkUp sponsored job, then wait a few days, but use the same device to apply to the job.
  • Users that use “forward to a friend” and later use that link to apply.

LinkUp conversion tracking is another way we make it simple for employers to see exactly how effective their recruitment efforts are so they can invest their funds wisely. We pride ourselves on these types of enhancements and look forward to many more in the future.