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July 9, 2013 / Molly Moseley

Social media recruiting: How videos can help you find your next great employee

It’s no secret that hiring managers typically do a social media search when evaluating prospective candidates for a job. But did you ever think that your company might be evaluated in the same way? Candidates are no longer satisfied with just what’s on your website, they are looking to social media to get a real taste of what your company represents, and you must use it to your advantage.

There are many ways to experience the vast benefits of social media, but one top trend we’ve seen from savvy recruiters is recruitment videos. And with the just-announced addition of video to Instagram, we at LinkUp believe this trend will continue to grow.

Is a recruitment video worth your time? While it may take some effort to create, it provides key insights into company culture and values so prospects can determine if they would be a good fit or not. In a world where technology rules and time is tight, applicants don’t always want to dig through a company website. A brief video posted to Facebook, Instagram and YouTube that makes powerful points can seal the deal and help get the right folks in your door.

What should be included in a compelling recruitment video? It really can be whatever you want it to be, but should include the key points that make your company an attractive place of employment. It’s important to be genuine about what your organization really is about, including core values and company culture. If you bend the truth and misrepresent your brand, you are ultimately doing the company a disservice because you’ll attract the wrong candidates.
Here are a few things to consider including in order to make a compelling recruitment video:

  • Why your company is unique
  • Benefits provided to new employees
  • Employee comments/brief interviews that add a human element
  • Examples of company culture such as images of office spaces, meeting rooms or break areas, and video of company lunches or parties
  • Brief history of the company, if that adds to the value of the message
  • Mission statement or the vision for the future of the company

Social media is a tool to reach for often in your recruiter arsenal, and by promoting recruitment videos through these outlets, you’ll tap top talent pools and discover new audiences.