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July 22, 2013 / Lucia Radder

From the Intern: Top 10 Pinterest Boards for Job Seekers

Pinterest for job seekers, you say? But I thought Pinterest was for recipes and DIY crafts! No longer. Pinterest is becoming one of the fastest growing and most relevant social media platforms for the job seeker.

Don’t know what Pinterest is? In a nutshell, it is a virtual and searchable bulletin board. Users may have multiple “boards” associated with their account, and then “pin” interesting media to the relevant boards. Ultimately, the site offers the opportunity to add your own content, share the content of others, and explore postings on the topic of your choosing. In the case of job seekers, Pinterest offers an online community to share and learn from professionals and individuals, alike.

Pinterest has evolved to include resume tips, interviewing practices, infographics on job markets, success stories of recent graduates, and much more. Pinterest users aggregate these helpful postings and post them to their boards in order to facilitate the learning process for the job seeker. In some cases, professional, career-centric businesses utilize Pinterest to advertise and promote their services, as well as aid their customers, the job seekers. In other cases, actual job seekers chronicle their own job searches through their Pinterest Boards and “pin” articles and tips they found useful in their own endeavors. Whichever the case, Pinterest boasts a broad range of informative pins and boards.

LinkUp's Pinterest Page

LinkUp’s Pinterest Page

Here is a list of the Top 10 Pinterest Boards for Job Seekers:

1. Job Searches/Jobs/Resumes/Employment

This board by Lisa Simpkins, an online business professional, offers a wide variety of resources for job seekers. This includes job postings, tips for current job seekers, the development of social media, changes in work environments, and more.

2. Career Coaches Corner

Inside job s, a company dedicated to aiding individuals in their pursuit of an education or a career, created this board as a tool for job seekers. The board incorporates interview and resume tips, LinkedIn tutorials, career inspiration, as well as links to recommended reading. Additionally, Career Coaches Corner invites other Pinners to “pin” to this board, providing additional input for followers.

3. Job Search Resources

Job Search Resources was created by RazorEdgeResumes.com and is another example of a group board.  Currently with almost 700 pins, this board offers tips on resumes, job searches, cover letters, as well as promotes their resume services.

4. 007 Social Job Search Circle

Created by 007 Marketing, this board has over 3,400 followers, shares a wide variety of infographics, and maintains a focus on social media for job searching.

5. Job Search – by Careerealism

This board is maintained by Careerealism, a career and job search blog.  With over 3,100 followers, this board pins insightful articles relevant to the job search process.

6. Resumes – by Careerealism

This board is also maintained by Careerealism.  The board focuses on how to update and improve your resume, as told by job search professionals.

7. 007 Job Interview Etiquette

Another board maintained by 007 Marketing, this one focuses on the interview. Through easy to understand infographics, this board provides crucial and extensive insight into job interviews.

8. Resume Designs

This board has pins with different resume styles and provides tips on how to get creative with your own resume.  As a resume is often the first and only thing a recruiter might see when considering a job seeker for an interview or position, Resume Designs presents imaginative and unique examples to help set yourself apart.

9. Career Advice

Career Advice is maintained by Working Mother Magazine and offers tips on how to balance professional and family life. This board provides important considerations and information for job seekers and is perfect for family-oriented job seekers!

10. My Job Search

This board is maintained by Katie Felten and offers articles and advice that she found useful in her own job search.  This board has a personal touch that makes it relatable to other job seekers.

A note from the intern:

Here at LinkUp, we have taken it upon ourselves to join this community to help advance the development and progress of job seekers through sharing our expertise and tips as a Job Search Engine.  Check out our Pinterest page here and join the community!

Good luck in your search!