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July 29, 2013 / Lucia Radder

From the Intern: Top 10 LinkedIn Groups for Job Seekers

Here at LinkUp, we’re telling you: if you’re not on LinkedIn yet, JOIN NOW! (And its not because our company names share a word.)

If you’re a job seeker, chances are you have heard of LinkedIn; maybe, you even have a profile. LinkedIn, however, is a lot more than professional profiles and virtual “connections.” There are Networks, Job Postings, Company Pages, News Listings, and Groups.  As a job seeker, each component of LinkedIn is relevant and valuable to your search.  If you’re really looking to get the most out of LinkedIn for your job search, a tool to take advantage of is the “Group” function.

According to LinkedIn, “LinkedIn Groups provide a place for professionals in the same industry or with similar interests to share content, find answers, post and view jobs, make business contacts, and establish themselves as industry experts.” Essentially, they are an online community meant to connect potential employers, prospective employees, and people who share in the ups and downs of job searching.

Here is a list of the best LinkedIn groups for job seekers :

1. A Job Needed – A Job Posted

This is a self-proclaimed “career connection group” and has a strict no junk/spam policy.  It is a group that allows job seekers to connect with recruiters and find specific job postings.  It includes relevant articles about the job search process, LinkedIn tips, resume tips, and more. With over 38,000 members currently using it, the group label sums it up best – jobs needed and jobs posted.

2. Talent HQ

This group focuses on the latest trends in recruiting and job searches.  With over 26,000 participants, the members include job seekers, Recruiters, HR, and Marketing professionals, and participate by offering information about social networking, recruiting, interviewing, business, and workplace developments.

3. Jobs DirectUS

Jobs DirectUS is an American workforce organization that links job seekers with companies. They are notable because of their high placement rate and extensive use of social media networking. This group has over 32,000 members and aims to connect career professionals with recruiters, human resources, LinkedIn networkers, and hiring companies.

4. Career Rocketeer

This group aims to bring job seekers and recruiters together in a professional networking environment, as well as bring in career experts to facilitate the job and employee search process. There is a high rate of discussion in the group, as well as the inclusion of discussion for specific opportunities. The Career Rocketeer group has over 7,000 members.

5. Job-Hunt Help

Job Search Help brings job seekers together to share experiences and opportunities. With over 9,000 members, this group maintains a high level of discussion of job search advice, career sites, resume tips, and more.

6. Jobs 2.0

Job s 2.0 aids job seekers by establishing social networks and professional connections.  With over 167,000 members, the group provides an excellent opportunity for job seekers and recruiters to connect and discuss potential employment opportunities.

7. Career Explorer

Career Explorer offers tips for inexperienced job seekers, recent grads, LinkedIn usage, and specific career tips.  The group has over 45,000 members and maintains a high level of discussion. This is a great group to gain knowledge about the job search process.

8. Executive Suite

With over 267,000 members, Executive Suite is an immense networking group that connects executives and recruiters.  This group is primarily for senior-level executives, and offers advice and connections among the network. This active group features a high level of discussion and job posting and aids job seekers in encountering executive level job openings.

9. Job Angels

The job Angels Program is a part of Hiring for Hope, a nonprofit group dedicated to creating an employment networking community.  The group is unique in its aim to empower and assist each of the 18,900 individual members find employment.

10. Linked: HR

This LinkedIn group is not centered on job postings, like other groups, but instead is devoted to Human Resources.  This group is valuable to job seekers by providing the opportunity to gain an understanding of the internal discussion among hiring managers, corporate recruiters, and HR personnel.  With over 800,000 members, the group is an extensive HR network and provides worthwhile insight. Certainly, both companies and job seekers can benefit from the information shared in this group.