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July 31, 2013 / Molly Moseley

LinkUp’s office does a complete 180 with new remodel

After months of planning, organizing and strategizing, it’s finally complete. We have successfully made it through our office remodel!

The office has done a complete 180 and everyone seems to be happy about the results. The goal of our new space is to provide a fun and collaborative work environment for our existing employees, plus a modern, inviting space that will help attract awesome new employees.

Here are a few of the key changes that instantly refreshed the space and helped create our new open office concept:

  • Took down all the old outdated cubes (goodbye powder-blue prisons)
  • Painted and installed new carpet (hello clean, crisp colors and natural light)
  • Assembled all new stand-up desks (geeky, but awesome, and oh so ergonomic)
  • Got all new office furniture (chic and comfy chairs, couches, cabinets, tables, etc).

Any time a business makes a big change like this, it can be difficult. If your business is facing an office remodel, remember to be flexible with worker schedules throughout the process. Most LinkUp employees worked remotely during the week of the remodel. Honestly, when everyone returned, they were pretty excited about our new space.

Check out the before/during/after shots of our remodel and let us know what you think. Would you like to work in an office environment like this?

IMG_2081 IMG_2087 IMG_2091 IMG_2115IMG_2114 IMG_2139Afterphoto-90