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The LinkUp Blog The Industry's Best-Kept Secret

August 9, 2013 / Molly Moseley

Recognizing and Avoiding Job Scams

There’s a dirty little secret hidden in the blind sport of every job search — job scams.

JobScamsInfographicPreview copy

This summer, one of our interns, Tally Erickson, spent a significant amount of time researching job scams.  She researched different types of job scams and the tell-tale signs that these scams were indeed job scams. Through this process she determined that job seekers needed a resource that thoroughly outlines the types of job scams and their respective identifying features.

It was also important to her to provide tips for how job seekers can protect themselves from being scammed during the arduous job search process. She compiled the information into a whitepaper and a webinar with all of the nitty-gritty details of job scams.

Job scams are everywhere (including very well known job boards) and can happen to anyone. Take the time to learn about job scams and prevent it from happening to you. Check out this cool job scam infographic that pulls out the most important and relevant components of job scams.

Our mission here at LinkUp is to provide job seekers with the purest, most efficient, most relevant and rewarding job search experience imaginable – no junk jobs, duplicates or scams!