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The LinkUp Blog The Industry's Best-Kept Secret

August 15, 2013 / Molly Moseley

The remarkable evolution of the corporate recruiter

Ah, the good old days! Long before the Internet and the concept of changing jobs every few years became commonplace, being a recruiter was much simpler. Main responsibilities included posting job ads in newspapers and magazines, reviewing applications, arranging interviews and helping with hiring logistics.

Fast forward to today.

Modern recruiters have never been busier, and their job role has never been more diverse. Part data analyst, part social media strategist, part human resources specialist – the list goes on and on. A good recruiter must become an expert in numerous areas.

Savvy recruiters are invaluable, and can help steer the company ship in the right direction by finding the best talent and streamlining the hiring process. In contrast, a bad recruiter who consistently brings in poorly matched candidates can cause a company to lose money and waste time, frustrating everyone involved.

Here are a few things every good recruiter should understand and be able to do:

Analysis: Having a knack for numbers and an analytical mindset is a huge asset when it comes to recruiting. From analyzing the effectiveness of a PPC campaign to assessing successes/failures on job boards to researching the industry for emerging trends, analytical skills can make the difference between a good and a great recruiter.

Social media outreach: Using social media to attract candidates is a must these days. Good recruiters know how to use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to advertise jobs and attract employees. Blogging and video outreach on Youtube are critical strategies as well.

Manage mobile: As more applicants search for jobs on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, it’s the recruiter’s job to ensure candidates’ experience seeking information about the company, and applying for open positions, is a good one. Is your site optimized for mobile?

Think creatively: When it comes to finding top talent, sometimes outside-the-box strategies come in handy. Recruiters who can think creatively may be able to tap markets to find the hidden gems – those awesome potential employees that may have otherwise flown under the radar.

Kudos to all the great recruiters out there! This list is only some of what your job entails. With numerous responsibilities and pressure to boot, you have your work cut out for you. The good news is any executive worth his/her salt knows a great recruiter is one of the business’s most valuable employees, and hopefully you are recognized as such.