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August 20, 2013 / Lucia Radder

From the Intern: Our Recommended Mobile Apps for Job Seekers

Today’s technology has revolutionized the job search process. This includes social media, which is now an unavoidable component of any job search. In previous posts we’ve highlighted the relevance of certain platforms – including blogs, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. We have not yet discussed one of the most important and fastest growing tools for job search – the mobile app. Our smartphones contain apps ranging from useful, such as a banking or news app, to fun, such as Snapchat or Starbucks. So, naturally, job search has followed suit. Whether you are actively searching for jobs, need to record your progress, or want resume advice, you can find it all in the palm of your hand through a downloadable app.

There are two types of apps useful to a job seeker. First, there are the job search mobile applications, which allows users to search for jobs right from their device. Second, there are job seeker help applications, which help users with anything from interview tips, to resume creation.

Here are the 5 mobile apps we recommend for job search:

1. LinkUp – Free – This app allows users to search the LinkUp Job Search Engine for current, real, and often unadvertised openings, pulled directly from company websites. The mobile app allows users to search, save, share, and directly apply to these positions, all from your mobile device.

2. Job Aware – Free – This app allows users to search for jobs by specific locations, distance relative to your current position and more. It also allows job seekers to compare salaries among hundreds of companies, organize the jobs you are interested in by level of interest, discover opportunities via LinkedIn connection, and learn about the job search process.

3. TweetMyJobs – Free – This app is great for those who are wanting to job search on the go via their smartphone and who want to see the latest open positions available. TweetMyJobs allows users to filter jobs based on a range of criteria, as well as shows jobs located close to the user. As a new and growing trend in the recruitment industry, searching jobs through Twitter is a great way to stay ahead of the competition and show your forward thinking.

4. Hidden Jobs – $0.99 – This app is unique in its approach of searching for companies with potential openings, rather than listed jobs. It allows job seekers to stay ahead of the curve, all while on their mobile device.

5. JobCompass – Free – This app allows users to search jobs specifically in their area – whether close to their home, or while traveling, the app locates open positions based on the device’s GPS location.

Here are the 5 mobile apps we recommend for job search help:

1. LinkedIn – Free – THE tool for mobile networking anytime, anywhere. This is essential for all job seekers – whether you happen to meet a new connection or simply want to find your connections with another person. The app does not, however, offer an editing feature.

2. Resume Review Pro – Free – An easy to navigate app that gives resume advice. The app includes expert videos, tips, and examples to improve your resume.

3. Job Interview Questions Prep – Free – This app is free but requires the purchase of different question packs. Question packs include a comprehensive collection of potential interview questions and expert videos, as well as boasts very high user reviews.

4. Pocket Resume – $2.99 – This app allows your resume to travel with you, as well as the option to edit and send your resume on the go.

5. SnapDat – Free – This app allows users to create digital business cards that can be sent directly from your smartphone. Unique business cards are a easy and memorable way to set yourself apart as a job seeker!


All in all, job seekers today are lucky with the the availability of such an extensive list of resources. But, it can be hard to know which ones to use. From Pinterest to mobile apps, let us guide you in your search! Good luck!