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September 17, 2013 / Molly Moseley

Planning for scalability: How growing companies can prepare

LinkUp has enjoyed tremendous growth this year and with this comes problems – good problems, that is. High growth means high demand on people and processes at any organization. Scalability quickly becomes key to the smooth expansion of a new business.

Every start-up in high-growth mode must prioritize and build a solid infrastructure in order to properly scale the business. There are many aspects to scalability, but employee roles and responsibilities, processes and procedures, and also technology are particularly important.

Scale and employees
The tenacity and flexibility of employees is key when workloads and responsibilities are evolving. Employees who love change will embrace new challenges that high growth inevitably stimulates, and those are the people expanding businesses want to keep on their teams.

At LinkUp each employee is constantly learning new things, taking on new responsibilities and discovering fresh solutions for how our departments can work more efficiently together. We hire new team members as necessary, but our dedicated staff is one reason our business is so scalable and has been able to manage such high growth to date.

Scale, processes and procedures
Businesses in high-growth mode may have to take a fresh look at processes and procedures. What worked when a business first started may not work now that the business has doubled or tripled in size. It’s important to assess processes to determine what still works and what should be updated.

Remember to ask employees for ideas for process updates – they might be able to provide important insights. If you find what you’re currently doing isn’t working as well as you need it to, explore innovative business solutions by consulting outside experts and tap your professional network for feedback.

Scale and technology
Technology is another important aspect of scalability. Few businesses survive without some level of reliance on technology, and for many, technology is a main component of day-to-day operations. The technology a business invests in must serve employees well, plus create a pleasant customer experience.

At LinkUp, our IT staff is awesome, ensuring we all can do our jobs well, and clients remain happy. Technology is always evolving, and when that evolution parallels a company’s evolution, the result is success.

Scale and growth must go hand-in-hand if a business wants to continue expanding, especially at fast rates. What other ways should businesses address scalability issues? What have you found to be helpful?