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October 14, 2013 / Molly Moseley

LinkUp returns from the HR Tech Conference in Vegas

Insightful, strategic, exciting – after returning from the HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas Oct. 8-10, we’re even more revved up about the future of the industry and LinkUp’s place within it.

LinkUp exhibited at the conference this year and met with a ton of highly intelligent folks who shared their experiences and thoughts on big industry trends. From top-notch learning experiences to practical takeaways, there’s a reason this is one of the biggest conferences in the industry, and definitely one of my favorites this year.

So what are some of the hot topics that people were buzzing about? Here is a small sample of what we heard throughout the conference:

HR talent tools – That annual review may become a thing of the past as new technologies allow management to review and monitor employee productivity in real time. Before employees panic over a “big brother” scenario, it’s important to note that not only do these tools let management monitor people who aren’t a good fit, but they also allow them to recognize those who are and reward them on a regular basis.

Mobile is here to stay – More precisely, mobile is here to stay and growing at enormous rates. Armed with smartphones and tablets, mobile devices are quickly replacing desktops as a main resource for searching and applying for jobs. Sites that aren’t mobile-friendly will quickly become archaic, especially in the minds of leading talent.

People love their analytics – It’s one thing to say something, but it’s a whole other to have proof. Analytics provide the data people need to help them understand on a more meaningful level. A quality analytics offering should collect and sort critical data with ease, but also be simple to access and understand by numerous departments.

The social media boom – Once criticized as just hype, it appears social media is growing exponentially. It’s a great way to find talent, foster relationships and even engage with employees. It’s a modern tool that should not be ignored, and one that is likely to continue to evolve, so stay active and alert.

If you attended the HR Tech Conference, what did you think? What were the key topics you found to be particularly interesting?