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November 5, 2013 / Toby Dayton

Friday’s Jobs Numbers Will Be The Worst In 15 Months; The Heartless Rampage Of Heinsenberg And His Brainless ‘Austeriots’ Continues To Wreak Havoc On The U.S. Economy

As we reported last month, LinkUp’s job openings data from September painted pretty dismal picture of the nation’s labor market, continuing a highly disconcerting trend that began in February of month over month percentage declines in new and total job openings in LinkUp’s job search engine. In September, new and total job openings, which are indexed from over 40,000 company websites throughout the U.S., dropped 6.4% from August. Other than a brief uptick in July, the month-over-month gains in job openings since February have slowed at a whiplash-inducing rate, finally coming to a screeching halt and surpassing -5% last month.

Change in Jobs 

The declines we’ve seen in the LinkUp index since February have presciently foretold exactly what’s happened over the course of the year as quarterly job growth reported by the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics has declined considerably.

Job Growth by Quarter 2013

Unfortunately, as a result of September’s brutal numbers, we are forecasting Job growth in October of a paltry 80,000 jobs. And despite the fact that the number is positive, no one should lose sight of the fact that these are horrible, horrible numbers. As we wrote last month, Ted Cruz (aka Heisenberg) and his brainless Austeriots (austerity-obsessed idiots) have killed this recovery in as cold-blooded and heartless a manner as any of Heisenberg’s horrific killings. It is beyond explanation what the tea party is doing in Washington these days and the bloody end to the civil war in the Republican Party, with the tea party inevitably being obliterated, cannot happen soon enough.

Oct Jobs Forecast

Looking ahead to our forecast for job growth next month, we predict that job gains will rise ever so slightly to a net gain of 125,000 jobs in November. Our forecast is based on our jobs data from October in which new job openings on LinkUp rose 4% and the total number of job openings stayed level to the prior month. While the blended average represents only a slight gain from September, the positive numbers are an improvement. Even more encouraging is the fact that 33 states saw gains in new job openings.

Jobs By State Oct 2013

The data is almost identical for jobs by category, with new job openings rising 4% from September, total job openings staying level, and 26 of 31 categories showing gains in new job openings.

Jobs By Category October 2013

I still have 4 episodes left of Breaking Bad and have done well to stay oblivious to how the series ends. But I am seriously hoping that Walter gets taken out in a manner appropriate to the carnage he’s wrought over the course of 5 seasons. Similarly, I have no idea how the catastrophe that is the tea party will finally end, but I’d like to hope that its virtually certain demise will appropriately match the senseless pain, suffering, and destruction it’s inflicted on the nation.


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