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December 18, 2013 / Brad Squibb

Evaluating job sites: looking beyond traffic

shutterstock_128335124We know that every dollar you spend to advertise your open positions needs to be a good investment. And while there are numerous ways to analyze the performance of the job sites you use, there tends to be one thing that hiring managers consistently ask about and evaluate sources on – traffic.

At LinkUp we work every day to expand our traffic and grow our user base.  It is a priority for us, and while for now our traffic numbers don’t match up to Indeed and SimplyHired, we are and will continue to grow our traffic without making money off of job seeker scams and lead gen sites.

However, should traffic really be an objection for a performance based site where the value is only paying for what is delivered? Shouldn’t employers also be evaluating a job site based on customer service, results delivered, and quality of candidates? Absolutely.

In our business, we know that what’s good for the job seeker is good for the employer. We would rather deliver you a handful of amazing candidates worth your time than a pile of resumes that you end up deleting. It’s the quality vs. quantity battle. What would you prefer? We want to be unique in our industry by taking the high road, we’ll choose quality over quantity any day. Again, the value of a performance based site is only paying for the applicant flow going to your site.

No matter what performance-based job sites you choose to make part of your hiring outreach initiatives, traffic should be only one of many things you look at. What is the candidate’s experience? Are the candidates qualified for the job openings? Am I reaching talent that I might not have through other initiatives?

In addition, as the employer advertiser, your experience should be a priority too. You’re paying to advertise your jobs and should be treated as a valued customer. Call us old fashioned, call it a Midwestern work ethic, but providing top-notch customer service is in our DNA at LinkUp. We go above and beyond to deliver a superior customer experience – something we know many of our competitors don’t do.

So the next time you’re looking at your pay-per-click advertising, look beyond traffic. How a site is run, the customer service and the user experience are all critical elements of a successful campaign. Remember, LinkUp clients only pay for the qualified traffic delivered to their site. If we can’t generate the traffic, you don’t pay a cent. We know we can drive you better results because we treat you and the job seeker the right way.

What do you think? How do you evaluate job sites?