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December 30, 2013 / Toby Dayton

Why Is The Wall Street Journal’s Search Functionality So Horrendous?

This morning, I read a decent article in the Wall Street Journal that had a positive outlook for the U.S. labor market in 2014.


Because JobDig and LinkUp are in the job search business with revenue derived from recruitment advertising dollars spent by employers, I thought I’d forward the article to our sales team via email. Unfortunately, when I went to the Wall Street Journal’s website and searched for the article using the EXACT title from the paper, the site could not return a single search result, let alone the specific article I was looking for.


So I went to Google and performed the exact same search. Google provided me with 20 million search results, with the specific article I was looking for as the top search result.


This is reason #3,281 why newspapers lost.

I would love to hear someone in the digital group at WSJ explain why an article’s title is different online than it is in print. I would also love to know how how it is that such a large media company could have such horrendous search functionality on its site. Perhaps Rupert should have spent the $580 million that was wasted on MySpace (which was later sold for $35 million) on a decent search engine instead.