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March 5, 2014 / Toby Dayton

ADP Numbers Disappoint But LinkUp Remains Optimistic For Friday’s Jobs Report; The Top 50 Most Popular Job Titles On LinkUp In February; ‘Out-Of-Scope’ Job Board Actually Means Toxic Waste Dump

Despite the disappointing numbers from ADP today (which are not often correlated to BLS data anyway), we remain confident that Friday’s jobs report for February will come in above consensus estimates. As we wrote earlier this week, based on the sharp increase in new and total job openings in LinkUp’s job search engine in January, we expect that the U.S. economy added a net gain of 220,000 jobs in February. Modest additional gains in February also point to a preliminary estimate of even better numbers in March.

In any event, we’ll be posting additional labor market information from our job search engine throughout the week. Today’s table lists the top 50 most popular job titles on LinkUp in February.

Job Titles in February


Maybe the most encouraging aspect of the table above is that HR jobs are #8 on the list, a pretty strong indication that companies are gearing up for hiring in 2014. A year ago, HR did not make the top 50.

And finally, it was interesting to note today that Wanted Analytics and The Conference Board revised 3+ years of historical jobs data because one of Wanted Analytics’ data sources was reclassified as ‘Out-of-Scope.’ It’s well understood in the industry that pay-to-post job boards can have some really suspect listings and many jobs sites (especially those that are nothing more than thinly disguised lead-gen sites) are horribly polluted by things like old, expired listings, duplicate listings, lead-gen bait,¬†work-at-home scams, fraud, money-mule jobs, and identity theft scams, among countless other types of garbage job listings. But truly, Wanted should be pretty used to the nature of their jobs data by now given the fact that they source their data primarily from pay-to-post job boards where anyone can post a job regardless of the quality of that job listing. For Wanted to pull a source and revise 3 years of data, that must have been one seriously toxic job board.