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April 3, 2014 / Molly Moseley

More companies hiring interns in 2014: Are you ready?

College students hear the message time and time again: internships are critical for getting real-world experience. That hands-on training, when paired with a degree, can make a resume stand out from the thousands of other graduates who may be vying for a particular job.

It appears the message is being heard because a whopping 67 percent of students who graduated from college in 2013 completed at least one internship, according to a recent Internships.com survey. Furthermore, demand for interns is up, with 56 percent of companies planning to hire more interns in 2014 compared to last year.

College graduates might find an internship is the quickest way to a full-time, permanent position. The survey revealed that 73 percent of large companies of 100 employees or more hired interns in order to find new full-time employees. Smaller companies (50 or fewer employees) mainly hired interns to get part-time help with projects.

Eager college students are wise to seek out internship opportunities now, particularly if they are hoping to secure some of the more highly sought-after internships only available during the summer months. Consider these tips for scoring a great internship:

  1. Update your resume and cover letter. Highlight other jobs, volunteer positions and internships, if applicable. While it shouldn’t be the bulk of your resume, it is ok to mention major class projects that might be relevant to a particular position.
  2. Use a job search engine to locate internships of interest. Did you know you can search internships on LinkUp as well as job postings?
  3. Network! Use your personal and professional network to learn about internship opportunities. You might be surprised what is available if you just ask around.
  4. Utilize your college career center. In addition to helping you find an internship, there are often opportunities for help with resume writing as well as mock interviews.
  5. Be ready for the interview. Interview performance was ranked number one in what employers value most when hiring an intern, according to the survey, so be prepared to kill it come interview time.
  6. Apply to multiple internship opportunities. Even though more employers are offering internships, competition to get one can still be fierce. Plan on applying to several for the best chances of getting hired.

Of course, if you’re in the Twin Cities area and want to help LinkUp become the best job search engine on the Internet, consider applying for an internship with us! We love our hardworking interns and are on the lookout for talented, energetic college students ready to help us with our mission.