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May 14, 2014 / Mike Phenow

Information technology: Top recruiting trends influencing the industry

It’s no secret that IT recruitment can be fiercely competitive. Competent IT professionals are in high demand across the country, allowing many workers to be highly selective when it comes to where and when they want to work.

Plus, this year there are more positions open in the IT job market – pressuring recruiters to fill open roles with top talent. Computerworld‘s annual Forecast survey found 32 percent of companies expect to increase employment in IT throughout 2014. In the last three months, 17,500 new IT jobs became available, according to Bureau of Labor Statistic data.

Understanding the top trends of IT recruitment is important in order to reach the best candidates and fill open positions. Here’s what every recruiter should know about the IT job market.

1. Management is concerned
As all industries become increasingly dependent on technology to function efficiently, a skilled IT department is critical. In fact, 39 percent of managers say that high-tech talent acquisition is their greatest concern, according to a recent Harris Allied Tech Hiring and Retention Survey. Concerned management may be willing to go above and beyond to get top candidates to fill open roles because they realize how important it is to the overall success of the company.

2. Retention is a priority
In addition to hiring top talent, retention is a big area of concern. Losing great IT employees to other companies can be crippling – it can drastically slow business until the role is filled, and onboarding and training new IT professionals takes additional time, too. The Harris Allied survey found 23.6 percent of managers cited retention of IT staff as their greatest concern. Offering competitive salary, proper raises and bonus programs tied to performance are popular initiatives for retaining key IT staff members.

3. IT skills of importance
IT candidates with the most in-demand skills will likely be the most difficult to recruit. If you’re tasked with filling a role that requires these skills, be prepared to go against other companies that will also be vying for the individual. Some of the most in-demand IT skills for 2014 include programming and application development, security, business analytics, enterprise and infrastructure architecture, network and database administration and technical support. Experience with SAP, HBase, C#, ITIL and IT Governance is huge. As cloud computing continues to gain momentum, PaaS, SaaS and virtualization skills will be highly desired.

4. Talent can be demanding
One of the luxuries of working in a high-demand job market means candidates can be selective about where to work, and many demand additional benefits and perks from their employer. Beyond compensation, many top IT workers desire a corporate culture that aligns with their personal values. Most seek a workplace that is inspiring, supportive and creative. They want the opportunity to telecommute and have flexible scheduling. For IT employees to stay at an organization for the long term, professional development programs are a must.

The IT job market is growing and recruiters are working hard to attract top talent to fill open roles. Finding the right candidates is not impossible, especially when you know the top trends of the industry.