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July 3, 2014 / Molly Moseley

Smart recruiting tips for small to mid-sized businesses

shutterstock_180384815Quality employees are an indispensable resource that directly affects a company’s bottom line. Hiring the right talent is particularly important for small to mid-sized businesses that rely on fewer employees to get jobs done efficiently and effectively. That’s why recruiting should be a key part of every SMBs business strategy.

Modest-sized companies may find the hiring process rather daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. The investment of time and money into finding the right employees is well worth it. Good employees will help build a brand’s reputation, boost productivity and ease internal stresses.

Furthermore, recruiting right the first time around is a wise decision financially. If that new employee doesn’t work out, you lose out on time and money. In fact, it costs 20 percent of an annual salary to replace an employee who makes $75,000 a year or less, according to a study by Center for American Progress report. That can be a big expense to make up for many SMBs.

Consider these smart recruiting tips that all small to mid-sized businesses can easily use:

1. Create a clear job description

A job description should be clear, concise and informative in order to attract the right applicants. Start by defining what your company does and why, then go into the details of the job duties and responsibilities. Include daily tasks and how the role fits into the company’s overall mission. Also include benefit information – a major part of an employee’s compensation package. Always be open and honest.

2. Specify essential qualities

Knowing the main duties of the open position is a good start, but before you begin interviewing, identify the qualities you’d like to see in candidates. Define required versus desirable skills so you can see where each candidate falls on the spectrum. Keep in mind personal qualities that might be beneficial as well – like a candidate who is organized, good at multi-tasking or has great writing skills.

3. Advertise effectively

Getting the word out about an open position is like casting a fishing line – first you need to know where the fish are, then you need to get your lure out there in front of them. Select the best advertising outreach options and only post on quality job search engines. You don’t just want to reach people, you want to reach the right people – five awesome applications are better than 50 mediocre any day. To learn more about LinkUp’s solutions for small to mid-sized business click here.

4. Convey company culture

Contrary to popular belief, recruiting is a two-way street. Not only is the candidate vying to impress you, you should be trying to put your best foot forward as well. Highlight the company’s culture and make the values and mission of the organization clear. A good candidate will have more than just professional skills – he or she will have a personality and work ethic that aligns with the how the company operates.

5. Never stop recruiting

Perhaps the most valuable tip for all SMBs when it comes to finding the best talent: never stop recruiting. Even when there are no job openings, remain alert for potential candidates who might be a good fit in the future. Anticipating hiring demands and tracking talent on an ongoing basis can put you one step ahead of the competition.