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July 10, 2014 / Stephanie Anderson

Keep the momentum alive: How to avoid summer job search burnout

By the pool2We’re now in the heart of summer, between barbecues, vacations and trips to the beach. These long beautiful days provide plenty of reasons to stay happily busy, but for those searching for a new job, these distractions can be detrimental to finding employment. Is your dream job passing you by while you are out having fun in the sun?

Don’t let summer be the reason a great job gets scooped up by another candidate. Consider these five tips for staying motivated and keeping your job hunt on track even during the distracting days of summer:

Routine: Summer’s varying schedules can make it difficult to stick to any type of routine. But having a regular process for job hunting can help you stay organized, keep tabs on job applications and stay on top of newly available jobs. Keep a solid routine by checking email and using a quality job search engine, like LinkUp, daily. Track applications and follow up to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Consider using our job search action plan template to stay organized.

Quality, not quantity: It’s not how many jobs you apply for, it’s applying for the right ones that matters when it comes to finding new employment. Focus on open positions and companies that interest you most, rather than applying for anything that merely fits your job search criteria. You’ll have a better chance of scoring an interview this way and you’ll save a lot of time, too, which you can spend outdoors enjoying the season.

Network: Summer is ideal for socializing, so why not kill two birds with one stone and schedule some professional one-on-one time with key members of your network? Set up coffee with past colleagues and connect about any openings they are aware of, plan lunch dates with mentors and pick their brains about industry trends, and schedule informational interviews at the companies you’d love to work for most.

Support: A support system can be a critical part of a successful job search. Not only can supportive friends and family help you stay positive, they can serve as a reminder to stay focused when you might be getting distracted by the slew of upcoming summer activities. Tap your support system often for advice, assistance and as a sounding board for your ideas. They are there to help, after all.

Attainable goals: Your one big goal is to get an amazing job offer, but be sure to set other attainable goals along the way to keep you focused and positive throughout summer. For example, apply for a certain number of jobs each week, set up a meeting with a professional contact twice a month and get an interview scheduled by month’s end. Small goals like these are critical steps along the job-finding journey, and they will help keep your momentum alive until you are gainfully employed at a great new job.