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August 7, 2014 / Stephanie Anderson

Make your LinkedIn profile sparkle with these 10 tips

LinkedIn MobileVacations are done, kids are heading back to school and soon the summer will be over. It’s time to get back to a normal work routine, and part of that means updating your online image. If you ignored your LinkedIn profile throughout the lazy days of summer, you’re not alone. That’s why now is the perfect time to refresh your profile so you stand out from the crowd. Consider these 10 simple makeover ideas to help you elevate your LinkedIn profile.

1. Update experience
Make sure to add important responsibilities to your profile that may not have been applicable when you first started the position. Additionally, if you’ve been at your job for several years, you probably can remove older, unrelated positions, such as camp leader during your college years.

2. Add keywords
Keywords are important when recruiters and industry contacts are searching for relevant professionals. Make sure to add keywords in your descriptions and throughout your profile’s copy so you get noticed.

3. Expand the headline
Your profile headline shows up every time a contact adds you as a connection. Because it is highly visible, make sure those words count. Don’t be vague.

4. Refresh your head shot
A head shot adds a human element to your profile. A polished, professional photo is a must. If your photo is five years old or no longer looks like you, it’s time for a new one.

5. Claim your URL
Create a customized URL through LinkedIn, such as for example www.linkedin.com/in/georgejjackson. Using your name in the vanity URL boosts the chances it will appear in a Google search and makes it easier for people to find you.

6. Brag
Utilize sections that let you tout your professional achievements. Post certifications, awards, publications, honors, etc. If you can link to your work, such as authorship of an article in an industry journal, do so.

7. Interact daily
After ignoring your profile during summer, it’s time to get back into a regular routine of checking your profile and networking. Make it your goal to like, comment and share your network’s updates at least twice a week.

8. Get recommendations
It’s not just how many connections you have, it’s glowing recommendations that set you apart. If you have few, don’t be afraid to ask for more. Former and current coworkers, supervisors and clients are great resources.

9. Strengthen the summary
Your summary should be concise and compelling. Use at least 40 words to list your title, role, skills and experience. Refresh as necessary with new, relevant information and keywords.

10. Build your connections
Being visible in industry networks is a key benefit of LinkedIn, but you need to have enough connections. Target at least 350-500. If you have fewer than desired, it’s time to reach and out and be proactive about making connections. Lastly, connect with me to share your questions or tips on job search and LinkedIn!