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August 20, 2014 / Molly Moseley

LinkedIn company page revisions guaranteed to attract fresh talent

LinkedIn 1-2More than 3 million companies have a LinkedIn company page, and this number represents a multitude of different industries. Do you have a company page, and if so, is it actually useful and compelling to job-seekers?

Today, it’s just as essential for companies to have a LinkedIn page as it is for professionals. Fortunately, making a creative and informative company page doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Consider these tips for creating a LinkedIn company page that will catch the eyes of top talent.

1. Write compelling descriptions
Focus on being concise and compelling throughout your LinkedIn company profile. You want to answer the five W’s (who, what, when, where, why), but you don’t want to bury the good stuff in excessive copy. If a candidate spent just 30 seconds on your page, would he or she feel compelled to learn more or simply grow bored and click away? Use active language and be consistent in your messaging to pique interest.

2. Focus on quality content
Always demonstrate activity on your LinkedIn company page by posting regular updates and information of interest to target audiences. If it’s been months since your last update, candidates will wonder if you’re even still in business! Keep them engaged with quality content such as blog posts, company announcements and industry news of interest. Strive to post updates at least twice a week, and more often is even better. Insider hint: short and sweet updates encourage click-throughs and can drive traffic directly to your company page.

3. Embed images that wow
A picture is worth a thousand words, so make sure the imagery you select to publish on LinkedIn represents the brand perfectly. Don’t have imagery? Get some. Quality imagery can definitely help you tell your company’s story. Colorful images, infographics and photography all have their proper place on your company’s profile, as well as any updates you publish. These features enhance your brand and make your page more visually appealing, in addition to supporting your mission and messaging. Insider hint: you can have up to three banner images, plus each can be hyper-linked so readers can click through to a specific landing page.

4. Add video that intrigues
One of the hottest trends in content marketing is video, and with the amount focus paid to this communication channel, it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Be the first of your competitors to add video to your LinkedIn company page and help tell your story. Updates that feature video often get tremendous interest and have a powerful impact. Consider a short-form video that is fewer than 15 seconds in length to introduce your newest product. Film your next company-wide event to give insight into company culture. Post a longer interview with the CEO to lend some insight into a controversial industry topic. The options are endless.

5. Take a diversified approach
Companies should always take a diversified approach. Encourage employees to get involved by liking and sharing posts on the platform. Talk about different topics and products on your profile. Additionally, always promote your brand and job openings across multiple channels including social media, networks, recruitment advertising with LinkUp and more. Cast a big net and you’ll likely find a lot of fish.

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