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September 30, 2014 / Toby Dayton

LinkUp’s Monthly Labor Market Update Webinar Is Scheduled For October 1st

Each month on the Wednesday before the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics releases its Employment Situation Report, we provide a comprehensive analysis of the current state of the U.S. labor market along with a forecast of the monthly jobs numbers. Our insights and forecasts are based on our highly unique job search engine that only indexes jobs from company websites. With a current index of 2.3 million job openings sourced directly from 50,000 companies throughout the U.S., LinkUp is able to deliver both a macro and a micro perspective on U.S. labor demand.

Our next webinar, which will cover our┬ádata for September as well as our forecast for this Friday’s BLS release, is scheduled for 4PM CST tomorrow. If you are interested in attending the webinar, please register here.