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October 10, 2014 / Molly Moseley

HR Tech Conference 2014 Highlights

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… well most of the time. We had a fantastic time at HR Tech last week in Vegas.  We spoke with nearly 200 HR professionals, debuted our new nautical LinkUp sock design, and showed off our new and improved job search iPhone application. It was most certainly a success!

What were your top highlights from HR Tech? Here are ours:


5. Delicious bites

IMG_0464-1  IMG_0460---Version-2  drinks

4. Taking in the sights

20141007_112508  20141009_212927-1

3. Awesome Shows (O – Cirque de Solei)


2. Wedding Crashing


And the number one LinkUp highlight from HR Tech 2014 was…

1. Meeting all of you!

IMG_0019_2  IMG_0020_2

20141007_174229  20141008_100649

20141008_122940  20141008_142800

We hope you had an equally awesome time, and that you picked up a pair of our stylish new nautical LinkUp socks. If not, be sure to request a one here.

sock anchor

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  1. Paul Jacobs / Oct 17 2014 6:34 pm

    Looks fun!

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