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December 23, 2014 / Molly Moseley

Precation: Will this awesome new benefit be on the rise in 2015?

shutterstock_69214975Imagine receiving a job offer for a new position at a company, but there is one stipulation you must meet before starting: take a two-week paid vacation. Say, what?

Yes, precations are a growing requirement at companies across the country, and some argue this requirement benefits the new employee and company alike. You may have never heard of it before, but I bet if you were offered a precation, it certainly would catch your attention.

Innovative companies and those in highly competitive industries are pushing the boundaries beyond traditional benefits into new and often unexpected places in order to lure top talent and build a strong reputation. A precation is an example of what is coming out of this movement, and we all might be hearing more about it in the new year.

Why would a company want to offer a paid vacation prior to an employee’s start date? Traditional belief is that PTO is a reward for those who work hard, providing them with time off to do what they love. And these new employees haven’t even logged an hour yet!

The reality is that Americans work more than anyone else in the industrialized world, according to ABC News. That means longer work days, fewer vacations and, often, delayed retirement. All this work can cause extreme burn-out and dissatisfaction, both of which are reasons an employee would seek new employment. That’s a great opportunity for a new employer to scoop up valuable talent, but who wants someone starting who is already burning the candle at both ends? Instead, you want someone who is energized, passionate and ready to go, and a precation is the perfect way to prepare employees to start a new job on the right foot.

Think about it: in highly competitive fields, employees often skip vacation in order to stand out or simply keep up with day-to-day demands. In fact, Americans in general are skipping valuable PTO at alarming rates! A traveleffect.com survey found that despite 96 percent of people recognizing the importance of using PTO, a shocking 41 percent of American workers do not plan to use all their paid time off in 2014, even though it is part of their compensation.

We’re skipping our vacations and time with family to work, and it’s causing extreme stress. A precation is the perfect solution and ideal way to lure talent at what typically isn’t an overwhelming cost to a company’s bottom line. Some believe the investment early on pays dividends in increased productivity and employee loyalty down the road.

What are your thoughts on the growing availability of a precation benefit? What other innovative benefits have you heard companies offer in order to lure talent and position them for success? Please leave your answers in the comments section.