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March 25, 2015 / Stephanie Anderson

The grass isn’t always greener: 7 reasons not to quit your job

shutterstock_127903568Just a few years ago, struggling to find or keep a job was common across the country. Most people were happy to be employed and few were considering quitting to follow a dream or to find greener pastures. Fast-forward to today and folks are singing a vastly different tune.

Now that the economy has improved and unemployment is down, people are seeking better opportunities. Daily headlines tout reasons why you should quit your job or discover your passion. Doing so is a good thing … if you are truly unsatisfied. Unfortunately, what often gets overlooked in the excitement of a possible new opportunity is all the positive things that having tenure at your current job provide you.

In fact, if you think about it, there’s probably a lot of really great reasons NOT to quit your job. Before you make the jump, consider this list of seven compelling reasons you should stay at the job you currently have.

1. You don’t have another job lined up
This is pretty self explanatory, but before you have a bad day and decide on a whim to throw in the towel and give your notice, step back and take a deep breath. It’s best to quit when you don’t have the pressure of needing a new job immediately.

2. There is room for upward growth
If your company provides opportunities to learn and you regularly see hardworking employees promoted to more senior-level positions, consider staying. This means there’s room for you to climb the corporate ladder, and there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to do that at a new job.

3. Your “total rewards” are impressive
A lot of people look for a new job in order to get a higher salary. Remember that compensation is just one piece of your benefits package. If your current company offers amazing benefits, it might be worthwhile to stay. Consider your total rewards, including health insurance, time off, work-life balance, etc. Just because your paycheck may be higher at another company, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting more.

4. You have solid advocates
Relationships take time to build. Starting a new job means everyone is getting to know you, and for some, you might even be competition. If you have great advocates at your current company who will vouch for your work and abilities, it’s a huge asset, particularly if you want a promotion, sizable raise or the chance to spearhead new projects.

5. You believe in your current company
Some people go to a job and feel like complete sell-outs. Others are driven to work hard because they believe in the company’s mission and/or the products produced. If you’re one of them, staying will mean feeling more engaged, fulfilled and connected to your career. This can influence your level of happiness at work and at home.

6. You genuinely like your co-workers and supervisor
A new job can look pretty on paper, but it can be hard to predict what your new co-workers will be like. If you have some amazing relationships with your immediate coworkers and you genuinely like your boss, consider staying. Even a great job can’t trump lazy co-workers or a crabby supervisor.

7. You’re going through a mid-life crisis
Sometimes there are things going on in life that cause us to make rash decisions. If you’re going through the proverbial mid-life crisis, don’t go wild and quit your job. Doing so may be a major mistake you’ll regret in just a few months. It’s best to pause while other things in your life settle before making major career decisions.