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April 9, 2015 / Stephanie Anderson

Top 10 people to follow on LinkedIn to give your career an edge

shutterstock_169585925If you are looking for a new job or simply want to amp up your career, there’s no denying the power of LinkedIn. After all, LinkedIn is the go-to tool for connecting professionals with other people in their networks. But to get the maximum benefits from the platform, you can’t stop there; you must follow industry influencers to give your career the edge it needs.

Initially LinkedIn opened it’s publishing platform to select official “Influencers” to share their original content, but last year it gave every member the ability to publish posts. The response was overwhelmingly positive as professionals seized the opportunity to communicate with an entirely professional audience. This past January, the platform hit the 1-million post mark, which means a lot of members have embraced the chance to share their insights with others across the globe.

Following someone on LinkedIn is like subscribing to their blog, but I’d argue that it’s better. Why? In addition to reading insights and expertise, you can also see other articles each influencer shares, as well as the engagements he or she has with other members. You can even participate in the conversation yourself to show your own familiarity with the subject matter.

We at LinkUp recommend following these top 10 LinkedIn influencers to give your job search and career a boost.

1. Alison Doyle
Doyle is a job search expert for About.com and founder of careertoolbelt.com. She routinely engages with her followers, provides tons of great job search advice and is always in the know regarding career trends.

2. Laszlo Bock
As the SVP of people operations at Google, Bock is a master of what works (and doesn’t!) on resumes. His posts reveal insider secrets about getting noticed in your job search and how to make your career more satisfying.

3. Suzanne Lucas
A celebrity of sorts in the HR world blogging as the Evil HR Lady, Lucas regularly posts about career advice in a funny. Her sometimes sarcastic tone easily makes even the blandest topics enjoyable.

4. Hannah Morgan
Morgan is your go-to gal for great job-search advice. From how to land that dream interview to networking nuggets that will inspire an aha-moment, her insight is priceless.

5. Susan Joyce
Joyce’s extensive experience shines through in each of her posts, which tackle tough subjects like overcoming age issues when finding a new position and job-search sabotage.

6. Liz Ryan
As an experienced writer with a tenure as a Fortune 500 human resources SVP, Ryan’s posts offer expertise on perplexing topics like answering “stupid” job questions or dealing with “evil” HR policies.

7. Liz D’Aloia:
D’Aloia writes on interesting, timely HR subjects that matter to both job searchers and recruiters. Even when addressing serious topics, she has fun with her posts, often injecting celebrities into the copy.

8. Brian de Haaff
Want to be inspired and get ahead in your career? The CEO of Aha!, de Haaff offers insight in his posts about how to maximize success and uncover the secrets to being truly happy at work.

9. Paul Petrone
Petrone is a very active LinkedIn publisher whose articles typically focus on large companies and recruiting insights. He’s great at spotting trends and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is.

10. YOU: You can revolutionize your career or job search by publishing articles yourself. You are an expert in your field and can assert yourself as such with the LinkedIn publishing platform. It’s a great way to make new connections, engage with other professionals and demonstrate your expertise.

Bonus: We won’t call ourselves top 10 (because we’re from Minnesota and we’re modest), but our own crew has a lot of useful insight to share. Look us up: LinkUpMolly Moseley and Stephanie Anderson.

Who are your favorite LinkedIn users to follow? Share in the comments!